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Big Data / Analytics incl. IoT-generated Data
Consumer FinTech
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Enterprise Dev Ops and Multichannel Deployment
New Credit / Underwriting Tools
Point of Sale / Wholesale Payments and Processing
RegTech incl. Risk Management / Compliance / Operational Risk Management
Robo Advisor
Security incl. Identity Management / Biometrics / Fraud Detection
Talent Management / HR
51maps provides a secure platform that allows companies to integrate all of the applications used by employees into one central, secure dashboard that can be accessed on any device. This enables a seamless, intuitive user experience with enhanced security and navigation, increasing employee efficiency as well as the overall customer experience. (Cl...
Alloy is a service for optimizing and automating KYC/AML checks for financial institutions. Alloy’s API and dashboard helps FIs integrate multiple sources of data and custom CIP rules to both increase the number of customers that can be successfully onboarded without manual review and improve transparency and efficiency into the process. (Class of...
AlphaPoint provides blockchain-enabled solutions to issue, track, and trade digital assets. Its secure, scalable, and customizable platform enables customers to deploy blockchain technology today to reduce operational costs and generate revenue from new products and services. AlphaPoint has 3 live blockchain applications, with over 20 customers, an...
Aqumin’s AlphaVision™ software brings game changing interactive 3D visual interpretation to the financial services industry — enabling traders, portfolio managers, and risk analysts to extract more value out of their quoted and proprietary data. Our approach gives market professionals a larger field of vision and unique insight into real-time intra...
BehavioSec has created the new model for strong, multilayered customer security. Now you can stop fraud, prevent attacks, and verify your customers — all without slowing them down. Our algorithm can verify who someone is based on how they naturally interact with their device and deliver instant identity verification, along with continuous authentic...
Bill Guard
BillGuard is an online bill monitoring and resolution management provider, serving consumers, merchants and the financial services community. Through big-data analytics and advanced crowdsourcing techniques, BillGuard alerts debit and credit card holders to deceptive, erroneous and unauthorized charges and facilitates both in-statement P2P knowledg...
Cambridge Blockchain
Cambridge Blockchain an identity management platform for multinational banks that puts control of personal identity data back in the hands of the end user. This blockchain-enabled approach meets the strictest new data privacy rules, eliminates redundant know-your-customer compliance steps and improves the user experience. (Class of 2016)
CB Insights
CB Insights’ Mosaic assesses the health of private companies by finding, collecting and algorithmically analyzing signals of strength or weakness from publicly available information sources. Mosaic taps into the abundance of digital information created daily to identify signals that offer predictive intelligence into the health of these companies....
Centrifuge Systems enables customers across industries to dramatically improve discovery time and significantly reduce the cost and risk of fraud and security threats. Centrifuge’s unique approach to big data analytics combines agile data integration, dynamic relationship mapping, and scalable interactive visualizations to reveal hidden patterns an...
Centripetal Networks
Centripetal Networks provides a breakthrough network-based cyber security appliance (RuleGate), security applications, and services. The RuleGate eliminates scaled threats at full 1G and 10G line rate. It effectively stops attackers, DDoS, and Malware. The system supports a number of applications including threat surface reduction, data theft preve...
Cutting Edge CA is a cyber security and network engineering start-up. We focus on protecting customer activities on the Internet and providing them with cyber threat mitigation capabilities. Our management team has extensive experience in enabling Intelligence Community missions and applying those capabilities to the cyber security needs of our com...
Dashlane is a secure digital wallet and password manager for every device. Dashlane enables keyboard-less checkouts, registrations and logins by using advanced real-time semantic analysis to autofill any form on any webpage. The Dashlane digital wallet stores all payment types (cards, bank accounts, etc.) and enables their use in a single click on...
DemystData is a software company that helps financial institutions harness the explosive growth of data to serve more customers. Our unique cloud-based platform enables fast integration, centralized access, and structuring of any data, all through a single interface. DemystData’s software services allow clients to solve some of their most critical...
Detectica empowers investigators from Compliance, Legal and HR to collect and analyze evidence of employee malfeasance within their firm, synthesizing electronic communications and related data. Detectica also provides the analyst with important analytical insights, including the internal social connections, and each individual’s communication patt...
Digital Asset Holdings
Digital Asset Holdings is building next-generation, cryptographically secure distributed settlement and ledger services. The company will provide safe and efficient settlement of conventional and digital assets that eliminate counterparty risk and can reduce trade- processing time from T+3 to same-day settlement. (Class of 2015)
Digital Reasoning
Digital Reasoning enables the automated understanding of human communication. Digital Reasoning’s award-winning machine learning platform, Synthesys, identifies threats, risks and opportunities by transforming information into a private Knowledge Graph. Digital Reasoning is headquartered outside of Nashville, Tennessee, with offices in Washington,...
dMetrics places an easy to use, powerful AI platform (Minsky) in the hands of every business professional. Our users tell Minsky what text to read – be it online customer reports, legal documents, or emails – and dictate how it should be interpreted. The process requires zero coding and reveals KPIs specific to each user.…
Eido Search
EidoSearch is a powerful search and discovery tool for financial professionals. In an environment of shifting relationships, it is important to quickly test ideas as they arise. EidoSearch allows financial professionals to generate new trade ideas and discover relationships spontaneously, by using the data itself as the search query. The platform i...
Enigma provides companies with intelligent access to “dark public data” about companies, people, and locations. Offering one of the largest and broadest repositories of public data on the market, Enigma draws together tens of billions of records from sources as diverse as SEC filings, government spending contracts, asset ownership, environmental vi...
EverSafe is a technology service focused on protecting older adults from financial abuse and identity theft. The online service analyzes bank and investment accounts, credit card activity, and credit reports for suspicious activity, and enables seniors to designate trusted advocates as “an extra set of eyes” to assist in monitoring. (Class of 2015)...