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Big Data / Analytics incl. IoT-generated Data
Consumer FinTech
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Enterprise Dev Ops and Multichannel Deployment
New Credit / Underwriting Tools
Point of Sale / Wholesale Payments and Processing
RegTech incl. Risk Management / Compliance / Operational Risk Management
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Security incl. Identity Management / Biometrics / Fraud Detection
Talent Management / HR
AimBrain is the mobile biometric authentication platform. AimBrain helps you to know if your users really are who they say they are. (Class of 2016)
Akoni is a digital cash treasury manager, ensuring maximum returns through the portability of cash and cash management tools. This presents dual benefits: to Banks – addressing the Basel III Liquidity Coverage Ratio requirements, and to Businesses – by improving cash returns. Decisions are based on client and market analytics, and a matching...
Albert is an incredibly simple mobile app for freelancers to manage their finances. Its unique mobile-first design is a whole new approach for the self-employed. (Class of 2016)
AlgoDynamix is an innovative risk analytics company that detects disruptive events in global financial markets and anticipates price movements hours or days in advance of the event. (Class of 2016)
Atsora provides financial institutions with innovative, agile, customer-driven tools for small business owners. Atsora’s core product, Momentum, is an integrated online and mobile application used for business planning, monitoring cashflow and  growth forecasting. (Class of 2015)
Based in Sweden, BehavioSec has developed a “behavioural biometric” software platform that helps confirm desktop, website or mobile users’ identities by analysing the unique patterns in how they type, click and swipe on their computers and mobile devices. It offers companies an additional layer of security beyond conventional user...
Big Data Scoring
Our cloud-based Digital Footprint scoring solution specializes in gathering real-time external customer data to significantly improve acceptance rates, credit underwriting, fraud detection and customer journey. We can – in a matter of seconds – accurately predict the potential client’s payment behaviour, helping lenders make informed and more profi...
Bud is the intelligent bank manager. The Bud platform integrates directly with a range financial tools allowing consumers to build their own aggregated banking experience. Whilst the ‘bank manager’ analyses the user’s data, allowing them to easily access the most relevant financial tools. Bud can be accessed directly from a consumer’s b...
OP3Nvoice enables search of video and audio libraries. What regular text-based search does for the written word we make possible with fast growing archives of multimedia. Our technology integrates with 3rd party systems through our API, SDKs and plugins. The results are higher rates of compliance, productivity and customer and risk management acros...
Chronicle Software enables organisations to develop and manage highly performant, micro-second latency, distributed, and fully replicated systems in Java. We model server side application as a series of state machines, delivering unprecedented ease of maintenance, reproducibility and testability by being able to in real time record and replay data...
ClauseMatch helps banks and enterprise clients with slow documentation processes by providing them with real time editing, approvals and tracking capabilities in a single platform. (Class of 2016)
Contego provides integrated real-time checks on people, companies, identity documents, social media and mobile phones. (Class of 2016)
Count Open
CountOpen makes data analytics accessible for everyone. Our desktop application is the data companion for the modern age, empowering users to do more with their data without technical constraints. (Class of 2017)
Crowdaura makes private placements easier, faster, economical and transparent. Crowdaura SaaS solution provides customizable workflows for new issuance on-boarding/documentation, beautiful crowdfunding inspired marketing/distribution portals, and blockchain operations for T+0 clearing/settlement and administration. (Classof 2016)
Cutover is a SaaS platform designed to safeguard and control critical live enterprise change events.  These include significant IT cutovers, business continuity events and incident management. (Class of 2016)
Cytora uses web-based data to provide real time geopolitical risk assessments to organisations that operate in volatile, emerging or complex markets. (Class of 2015)
Digital Fineprint
Digital Fineprint is a VC-funded InsurTech company that uses ground-breaking predictive analytics to turn social data into insurance data. By analysing social media data, users can better understand their insurance needs and insurers can learn more about their customers. Having previously partnered with Allianz, Hiscox and other insurers, the compa...
Digital Shadows
The UK-based company offers a cyber-monitoring service to help identify and monitor companies’ so-called “digital footprints” — information posted online by organisations and employees that amasses over time via social media, cloud services and mobile devices. The service can give companies an outside-in view of their digital pres...
Duco is a technology company that helps financial institution to address mission critical challenges in control, compliance and cost. Its web-based reconciliation service, Duco Cube, enables even non-technical staff to spot discrepancies in trades, transactions or reference data across millions of data points, within minutes. (Class of 2015)
Enforcd uses global regulatory enforcement data, related news and insights to help firms to identify, manage and mitigate the conduct risks they face on a daily basis. It can save significant staff time and associated cost, reduce operational risk and help firms improve client outcomes and their internal culture. It also enables the identification,...